how to sneak out from your house?

Mekong Quilt

This is very unbelievable true story. My friend and I went around some fancy and European style shops(window shopping ~.~) behind the Royal Palace. Accidentally, we saw a grand opening shop so we decided to stop by if they let us without invitation. Yes, we got in. Unexpectedly, we got free food too.

The most excited moment came, there was a lucky draw. I told my friend that we would just ignore the lucky draw part because we both in our whole life never win even once. Suddenly, they announce his name. A few minutes later, I heard my name, and i thought to myself that was i dreaming? geez, i won a prize yayaya.... So we ended buying some stuffs at shop,and plus some gift ^^ what a lucky day.

The next day. Another friend called me if i wanted to sneak out for a clubbing, and i said yes why not. I really don't know how to get visa from my parents (permission), but we decided to sneak out successfully :p not gonna tell detail how lolz. But u might get some ideas from Google.

The best part is dancing like the world end. We all love dancing, shouting, jumping, but not interested in drinking -.-  I would rate it as number one since i came back from hk. I have to tell u guys that i love dancing more than anything in the world.lolz

After had a drink at one of a fancy hotels in Cambodia, Le Raffle, we had dinner at La Khmer food village. The next round was at Saint Tropess... then pontoon... not much to tell, unless u ask me -.-

okay let me stop here then. :P

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gäãra-dě-sañd said...

bad kid.. very bad kid.... sneak out of ur house without ur parents' knowledge eh? bad kid...

but eh.. how did u do that? :D