I think being the first is something special and awesome in some way! Op, okay i know it doesn't make sense again. However, I just want to share my my study and career experience being the First :D

  1. in 2004, first time graduated from high school and got the worse result among my genius friends.
  2. in 2005, had my first consultation internship at the International Mercy Organization.
  3. in 2006, first student who got the lowest score on statistic subject (grade E) at RUPP, Psychology.
  4. in 2007, first Cambodian girl having legal internship at Khmer Rouge Tribunal or ECCC (OCP).
  5. in 2008, being the first National Client Counseling Competition Championship. Then represented     Cambodia to the International Client Counseling Competition in Bangalore in India.
  6. in 2009, being the first team represent Cambodia to Jessup Competition in Washington D.C.
  7. in 2009, first candidate to join the young panelist "Non-state Actor"
  8. in 2010, third candidate winning scholarship LLM at HKU. LOL
  9. in 2011, first generation being qualified as a compliance officer at a securities firm sector.
  10. in 2012, assistant to the boss dealing a first insolvency case in Cambodia.

okay :D 


Panharath said...

Hahaha I laughed at #1 & #3! I always comes in second for everything! -Sigh-

Rath said...

I love to put those funny "first time" more, when i can recall them. lol! the point i wrote this is not because to ...#$@!#@%#4 I just want to prove to some people told me that i couldn't do it.

When people tell you that you can't do it, you must prove them you can :D

Panharath said...

It's fun to sit down and recall what you can remember. It's funny look at how we've gone through, isn't it?

You must be a person who believe everything is possible. I've read your blog from times to time, and you can say I'm your secret admirer, because I'm proud of all your achievements and I can tell you're a young dreamer who like to make thing happens!

Yes! Sometimes I rolled up my sleeves and dug it up just to prove people told me that I can't do it, to prove it's possible to make impossibility possible.

Rath said...

Hey, thanks for the lovely comment. i know we are cool like no other knows it :)

Samnang said...

Interesting! And many achievements. Proud of you, friend.