$5 Challenge accepted - successful woo....

I have wanted to blog sth like this for long time ago, but I didn't have enough courage, and no one takes my photos for me. Until I found a blog about a Japanese secondhand shop. Her writing is perfect and persuade me to do so.

Last weekend I hanged around at Toto Secondhand shop just because I wanted to challenge myself to find a less than $5 piece but must be fashionable! and I guess, I did it.

For me being fashion or dressing up doesn't depend how much the clothes are, but it is how you wear them to represent yourself among people around you.

Life is too short to wear the same old boring clothes ^^

Cute Dress - $2.5 at Toto Secondhand shop

H&M $5 and Old Navy $5

Old Jean (stole it from my sis) the necklace is $5 at Pink Shop ( near Toultompoung market).

Thirst is $0.75 Toto Secondhand shop

Skirt is $0.75 Toto Secondhand shop

Blue skirt is $1 Toto Secondhand shop

H&M $5

Toto Recycle Shop Japan
Address: #21B Street 47 (France) 
Phone: +855(0)23-990 087
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