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Application for Taught Postgraduate Admission to the
Master of Laws in Human Rights [LLM(Human Right)] (Full-time)

4. Qualifications Obtainedneariraths Page 2
(1)Level of qualification:Bachelor's Degree (Full-time)  (Cert. send by applicant)
Degree Abbreviation:Bachelor  
Major subject:Law 
Duration of course:3 (Date of award (dd/mm/yyyy): 10/10/2010
Honours/Score:Not Applicable   Score: 86.1
Institution:Royal University of Law and Economics 
Language of instruction:English (By Coursework)  
(2)Level of qualification:Bachelor's Degree (Full-time)  (Cert. send by applicant)
Degree Abbreviation:Bachelor 
Major subject:Psychology 
Duration of course:4 (Date of award (dd/mm/yyyy): 27/6/2008
Honours/Score:Not Applicable / GPA: 3.22 out of 4  
Institution:Royal University of Phnom Penh 
Language of instruction:Not English (By Coursework)  
(3)Level of qualification:Advanced Diploma (Part-time)  (Cert. send by applicant)
Degree Abbreviation:EN 
Major subject:Three years of competency based-English, Upper-Intermediate at Royal University of Phnom Penh  
Duration of course:3 (Date of award (dd/mm/yyyy): 27/6/2007
Honours/Score:Not Applicable  
Institution:Royal university of Phnom Penh 
Language of instruction:English (By Coursework)  

5. Professional Qualificationsneariraths Page 3
Type of membershipAbbreviationAwarding institution / CountryDate of award (MM/YYYY)

a member Law Student The American Society of International Law (ASIL)


6. Working Experience
Company/Institution and LocationPosition/Staff grade and DutiesModeEmployment period (MM/YYYY)
(1)Canadia Bank PLC
#315, Ang Doung St.(Connor of Monivoung blvd), Phnom Penh, Cambodia 
Legal Officer
I have been a legal adviser on commercial laws, any relevant international business laws, and Cambodian legal procedure; and any English documents I am the main responsible. All in all, i have learn different angle area of law, and I am looking forward a new experience.  
Full-time  From 6/2008 to /  
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
National Road 4, Chaom Chau Commune, Dangkao District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 
Legal Intern 
I helped the international and national staff with research, filing evidence and data into the computer network, and discussed criminal procedure in Cambodian and Civil law.  
Full-time  From 6/2007 to 11/2007  
(3)Mercy Team International Organization of Cambodia (MTI
P O Box 2481, PP3, Cambodia  
I educated children about fundamental rights, such as the right to attend school, the right to get enough food, and so forth. I learned how to communicate well with children. I also counseled children who were victims of labor abuse, trafficked, and raped.  
Part-time  From 1/2006 to 5/2006  



7. English Language Proficiency Tests

Title of testDate of test (MM/YYYY)Identification NumberScore
TOEFL (Paper based):
TOEFL (Internet based):
TWE/TOEFL (Internet based) Writing:
Listening Band 
Reading Band 
Writing Band 
Speaking Band 

Overall Band 
Cambridge Test of Proficiency in English Language:
Official Score Report(s) sent by:
Reason for Exemption:TOEFL or IELTS test are well-known English language tests for students who are not native speakers of English and want to make sure if their English is usable in different English-speaking environments. However, I believe throughout the past several years in university where I obtained the Law degree taught in English, my working experiences with the Khmer Rough Tribunal and participation in intentional competitions, I should be competent enough to wave TOEFL or IETLS.

Usually each student at the Royal University of Phnom Penh is required to complete 6 semesters of the English Language courses. In total, I spent the last four years reading most documents and materials in English. In 2008, I successfully graduated from a Bachelor of Law degree in the English Language Based Bachelor of Law (ELBBL).
As for my work experience, I had been at the Khmer Rough Court for five months as legal intern. My main duty was to translate the national law and documents for both the national and international (UN) sides at the court.

Besides, I had done three international competitions, which were all conducted in the English language. First was International Client Counseling in India in 2008. Secondly, I represented Cambodia to join the biggest competition called Jessup Competition in Washington D.C., the USA in 2009. I was later awarded to join the Specialization Course in International Criminal Law for Young Penalists in Italy in 2009 as well.

All in all, I believe that TOEFL is not necessary for those who are already proficient in the language and have had a wide range of experience participating in an English-speaking environment or competition. In case I am still required to take the TOEFL or IELTS, I would be glad to do so.  

9. Further Information
AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPSPlease list any awards, scholarships or prizes you have won in the course of your higher education.
1) Awards Awarded to join the 9th Specialization Course in International Criminal Law for Young Penalists
Awarding Institution (state country) International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences, Italy.
Date of Award (dd/mm/yyyy) 23/05/2009
2) Awards won the Moot Court at Royal University of Law and Economics, and Represent Cambodia to join the Phillip C. International Jessup Moot Court, in Washington D.C., USA
Awarding Institution (state country) Phillip C. International Jessup Moot Court, Washington D.C., USA.
Date of Award (dd/mm/yyyy) 23/03/2009
3) Awards Championship of the National Client Counseling Competition; and represented Cambodia to join in the Louis M. Brown, International Client Counseling Competition in Bangalore, India. And an hornor medal from Mr. Ambassador Joseph A. Mussomeli of USA
Awarding Institution (state country) Cambodia, and India
Date of Award (dd/mm/yyyy) 29/02/2008
4) Awards Government's Scholarship, Bachelor degree
Awarding Institution (state country) Royal University of Phnom Phnom, Cambodia
Date of Award (dd/mm/yyyy) 27/06/2004

PUBLICATIONSPlease list out any publications in your name (including a complete citation)(professional journals, books etc. only). Please use separate sheet if necessary. Please quote your application number and submit with other required supporting documents by post.

VOLUNTARY WORK EXPERIENCE1) Appointment Cambodian Heroes project (CHP) is a non-political, independent, and non-profit initiative of a group of young Cambodians who appreciate the nation’s heroes’ contribution to society. It’s independent from any religious or political tendency.
Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 01/11/2009
Name and Location of Organization Cambodian Heroes project; http://cambodianheroes.org/; Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Nature of Duties a team members to provide ideas on how to design and structure this website.
2) Appointment We are a self-sustained team of young students and artists with main focus on film production and event management.
Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 03/10/2009
Name and Location of Organization Kon Khmer Koun Khmer (Khmer Cinema, Khmer Generations);http://www.konkhmerkounkhmer.blogspot.com/; Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Nature of Duties as manager coordinator, and fund raiser 
3) Appointment Took some Cambodian Law books to chief of villages in Ratanakirii with a teacher and some classmates at Law school
Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 11/05/2005
Name and Location of Organization Royal University Of Law and Economics; Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Nature of Duties Brought law books to village in rural areas, and explain the laws 
4) Appointment 
Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 
Name and Location of Organization 
Nature of Duties 

REASONS FOR INTEREST IN THIS COURSE (Use additional sheet if necessary)There was a horrible civil war during in 1975 to 1979 in Cambodia which killed about two millions; and left behind only 1.7 million people who survived from the nightmare which makes them live in the dark shadow. The legacy of Khmer Rough History has played a big role in pushing me forward to get involved in International laws. To pursue a master of Laws in Human Rights at the Hong Kong University would make my dream come true. I would like to become an international criminal lawyer to help find justice for millions of victims of the Khmer Rough regime and to prevent any kind of future war.

When I was young, my mother told me a lot about the Khmer Rough Regime, how difficult the life she had gone through. Since then I have become more curious on how the civil war was formed; and why Khmer killed Khmer. In order to answer the questions by myself, I decided to study law and psychology. With the questions in mind, I have found out that in the area of Law, courses in Human Rights Law would be the best tool for me to pursue the answers.

Telling people I want to find peace for all victims of the Regime does not prove solid enough, but working at the Khmer Rough Tribunal should be. Even though it seems my law background does not match with the requirement it takes to get a Master’s Degree of law in Human Rights Courses, I am very positive about setting it on my mind to do my best for the Human Rights Courses in the future thanks to my personal interest and experience mentioned above.

Back in high school, when I shared with many people including every single member of my family, my dream to bring peace to Cambodia and as well as the whole world, they all started to laugh, and finally told me I was crazy. At that time I doubted myself whether I were crazy as they said. However, I did not stop dreaming so I studied law and psychology, which proved relevant. My purpose to get the psychology major was to understand how a normal person like Salot Sar aka Pol Pot who was the leader of the Khmer Rough Regime, led countries to Year zero stage, and had almost 2 millions of innocent people slaughtered. Moreover, I believe that studying law would answer to me why the United Nations did not show up and help us while others countries almost forgot us. I want to know how the international organizations like the United Nations deal with any kind of war, or whether they will leave others behind like what happened to us Cambodians. To my personal opinion, Cambodia where a terrible civil war occurred needs a stronger legal system to push the country forward while answering the questions of the past is a must.

To recap what is said above, the pursuit of the Human Rights Course is another big step further as I have planed to reach my dream to bring peace the whole world, and to make Cambodia a better place to live. 

WHY ARE YOU SUITABLE FOR THIS COURSE (Use additional sheet if necessary)

COURSESIf you are interested in any particular areas of human rights law, please specify.

SCHOLARSHIPPlease refer to the website of the LLM in Human Rights at http://www.hku.hk/ccpl/human_rights/HRScholarships.html for application procedures and forms for the different scholarships offered.

If you wish to be considered for a scholarship, please carefully consider if you meet the criteria as specified. If you feel you do, please ensure that this application for the LLM Programme in Human Rights is accompanied by a completed scholarship application form along with all your required supporting documentation. Please do not send documents separately.

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Submission of Application
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