Confusions and self-identification!

Janjury 12, 2008 11:33PM

Today I got up so late, 10:30am. I dreamed a lot about something, it’s kind of stupid or like a movie. In my dream I met a bad guy who killed a lot people but he loves me. I begs him not to kill people but he doesn’t listen to me, and then I faints, oh my god though he is a bad guy but he takes care of me by taking me next to him when I was fainting. During that time I am so comfortable, nice, and do not want to wake up. Unfortunately, in the reality I really wanted to urinate (pipi) I tried not to wake up but I had to. After that I tried to go back to my dream but I couldn’t. What next is I dreamed about (...)! It’s funny because in my dream we were in a trip again.

Today I watched about 4 or 5 movies for almost whole day. I was so headache, and couldn’t do or concentrate do any at all besides sleep and watching movie. I realize something I should know and accept. Like about love, I should not try to make people I like to like me back because it doesn’t work. Ok! Well done Rath 

Watch out little girl!

Jan, 13 2008 12:12am

When I feel down, the evil mind comes to blame me again and again that I shouldn’t have done something like this or like that. I try not to listen to them but somehow I couldn’t because I’m so weak. Vathana is right that sometimes we are not strong all the time we have to need a person you can trust and lay on that is your prince. I am waiting my prince so long but I cannot find him till nowadays. I’m really afraid of wrong decision of having boyfriend who is not my real prince because most people like me I feel that they are not my real prince. I don’t know if I can find or not because my dream or what I want is seem to be really difficult to have boyfriend or husband, and I also ask myself that if I want my dream I might loss to find my prince I say yes I can scarify to do so, so? Do I loss him? Could I find him? Does he like me if we meet? Oh, I feel that I’m not going to get him.

Do I look like a dreamer? Isn’t it like a movie sometimes if I can meet my prince by randomly? I don’t know too, I just hope that would be happen someday. Just keep move on, keep your hope, keep your smiling, and keep fighting to make your dream come true. Or I might meet my prince someday.

Jan, 14 2008 12:12am

I don’t exactly know what I’m doing between my dream and my love. I’m confusing so much. I like the movie call “V for delegate (I’m not sure)” this is a kind of movie which is about war, politic, psychology, emphasize, and love. I do like it but I’m curious who the actor of “V” is. I’ll find out later when the internet is connected.

“To be brave to the real world” is like a good slang that I have learnt today. Just keep moving on your steps and look straight to the world. I know there are some or a lot people have been thinking like me but some of them give up because they are afraid of failure or they are not strong enough to find out the real thing just what I am doing. I know I’m not one of them the coward but I’m really patient to get what I want.

Move on, Rath!

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Daravuth--QuincY said...

Jus Remember s.o who always appears to save you from dangers anytime instead will be your prince but a fake one will disappear while you are having problem...
Go straight dont turn left or right
You will meet him there. but dont forget to ask what his name is..(9o9)/
Do your best....time will tell