How can i survive?

Sunday till now, i have been sick, headace, tired, sleepy, and catch a cold very badly. Yesterday, i tried to finish an assignment, it was a final exam i forced to so much to finish it. Luckily, i did it!!!

I really hate going to public pharmacy to tell pharmacist that i'm headache, catch a cold bla bla...sometimes you feel better but sometimes it's worst. However, I don't trust Cambodia doctor or public clinic because it does not help u a lot. They don't really know what exactly symptoms are. So I don't have so many choices besides randomly take any medinices which i have tried before; and i can recover.

I've took many different medicines(more than 20 peels), but it doesn't help much cuz i'm still headache so much. Still have a thousan works undone!!!

How can i survive?


KK@111 said...

you're better not take too much medicines.

Sophea Chea said...

Whoa...forgot to tell you. you better go to see the doctors or pharmacists. but if you don't wanna see them just try drink cups of ginger extract then or wash your mouth with salt solution till you feel its salty...it's really work then.
Oopss!! do not take too much Vitamin C coz no evidence to proof that its help you to recover from cold or common cold then. ;)