The Way of Life work!

I don't where to start first because day after day there are a lot of sad and happy things have happened to me; I cry and try so hard to smile to the world. I really don’t know what to do exactly; it seems I’m losing myself in the huge world. My dream is seemed to be so hard to get because there are so so so many walls in front of me; and I have to sacrifice a lot; a lot of my time I spend to search and plan so many things how to find a way to reach my dream. I DON’T REALLY HOPE SOMEONE CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M SAYING, anyway sorry about that.

It's me who like taking pic of myslf ;)

Final i decided to buy iPod Classic 80GB

So Cute :")

Goodbye Nathalie/Twin.Sister/Inter'l Rath :( i'm going to miss you so much!

Self-taking pic with sister at airpot!!!

Indian Food is my favorit. Dinner with Lino and po vanarith and his family!!!

Happy Birthday to Vathana :') Psychology class!

Wanna try some?

New Year Celebration!
At kep with Lino family

Goodbye u all:(

My farewell ;)

Is it funny?

me, mum, and Bong Srey

A reall sweet couple......J/K

National Rath and International Rath/Nathalie

Funny Pic ;")

Bride and Groom

With Mum!

My cousin Wedding; Zach and Nath also joined us ;')

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