Is it it?

25,01,2008 12:01am

I didn’t desire what people say to me like you’re young but you achieve such a big things, which most people wish it but I don’t. I really don’t like the word “ambition” because it seems to me like being a really selfish person; however, I would rather use a word “heart” it means that just follow what your heart says to you, and go for it though there are so many obstacles.

I know that what I am doing there is no one going to understand but I just stand strong go for it. I know it’s really hard being walking alone in black world. It’s like walking in jungle alone to fine a old royal. I don’t even know how my life is going to be or I might not be able to live longer like other simple people. Example Ms. Butto who is a former president was died in suicide boom, will I?

For example, like in some movies people who are scarify themselves to do something in the end most of them they die but what they want all become true.

It’s always complicated even me somehow I couldn’t understand what my mind is thinking about.

What should I do next? I wish I could find s.o to listen what my problem(secret) are!

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