Barcamp Saigon

Why should i join the Barcamp?

Barcamp to me is kind of social activity, where i can meet new people. I would like to meet and share my thought, and my experiences with others. Moreover, to be more understand other culture espcailly my neiborhood country.

I have discovered one theory that "I do not believe in something easily" so before I believe in history or in old theoryof old generation i have to come and see things by my own. Cambodia and Vietname has been in bad and good relationship since it was discovered. People in the past have done a lot bad and little good things so the new generation has a duty to make our relation of neiborhood country better,or to make a better world together. Obama is a black skin, and now he's a president of USA, and i remember of his power speech that "Nothing impossible in America" so Cambodia, Vietname, Thailan, Iraq, and other Country will make new history of no more dicrimination .

What is Barcamp?
Barcamp: To my understanding and my previous experiences joining Barcamp Phnom Penh,
and Barcamp Saigon, barcamp is a place where all background of people meet, talk, and
discussion their own thought, experiences…mostly they are so called GEEK. Every audience can make their speech or presentation of anything they are interested not only about technology but also about international globalization. Ex, I myself I presented about “Sexy Cambodian Blogger”

I would like to thanks Preetam so much for being such a creating minded that could think of a very attractive topic. ^^ {please take a look below of my draft speech}

BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants — often focusing on early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols, and open data formats. By Wikipedia!

BarCamp Phnom Penh is open for computer enthusiasts, technologists,IT professionals, geeks, and nerds to talk and discuss all things technology. As the event is open for the public, and hopes to inspire IT community in Cambodia. In this event, it will be available for all of you to access free wifi internet. So, you should bring your own laptop by yourself. By Vutha,!

BarCamp Saigon: Perhaps BarCamp needs a little explaining. It’s a technology educational event that does not fit any traditional molds. But it’s more than an educational event, it’s a way for people with similar interests and passions to meet and share knowledge and experiences with technology{...}

Here are the list of people impression about Barcamp Saigon:
2.David Everitt-Carlson
3.… :D figure out by yourself by going to google and type Barcamp Saigon :P

Me with awesome barcampsaigon t-shirt. People are writing their speech on different sessions. I was one of them too ;")Sitting on floor is comfortable more than anything :P Actually, our laptops were run off battery!
Preetam Session is crowded, people are so interested with the topic about pretty women in Asia :P but Ramana and I are not that interested...Plz Preetam, next barcamp you should speak about handsome guys in Asia.
Geoff(Cambodian/American/Koran) is working so hard :)
Raman is so happy that finally we get the T-shirt.The taxi was struck in floated!
Thanks Barcampsaigon for free beer and food :)
it's time for beercamp ^^
Thanks you guys so much for making it happen <3


David Everitt-Carlson said...


Thanks for the "Hi".

And make sure to see www.Gapingvoid.com where BarCampSaigon is linked. Look for the "ClueTrain" post and check near the bottom and my name.


icebreaker said...

seems like u're so interested in the Barcamp!! :) hehe... I wish i could be as active as u!

Anonymous said...

hey, remember i told u about the float in VN? Hanoi is just recover from the float too and now it's time for Saigon to face the float.
anyway, if i were in saigon i think i'll join the barcamp too. it could be very interesting. am i right?

K.Knila said...

:D .. so much fun!! :D

Anonymous said...

Seem you all have so much fun :).

Mr. Chanroeun Pa said...

nice blog. It seems that you guys had a very good time in Vietnam.



dotgreen said...

u seem very active member, I got idea from ur post, thx.