My presenation about "Sexy Cambodian Blogger" at Barcamp Saigon

1. Introduction:
a.Nearirath, IMG_0614 by preetamrai.and Ramana, Vutha, Virak, Tharum, Geoff
b.From cambodia
c.I''m not really a geek:

2. why? Cambodian blogger
-we’re so cool.
-we’re sexy :p

-***the most important to blog:
i. we’re are the next generation to make a better world by sharing and expressing your voice. No matter what nation you are, we’re all living in the same world.
ii. 21th century is computer era, so everyone has to use in
-group of blogger to share every day life, opinion, …

Clogger = Cambodia + Blogger or Vlogger = Vietnam + Blogger

3.Past Experience:
v Clogger Summit in 2007 http://cloggersummit.wikispaces.com/
v Clogger Corner in May 2008
v Barcamp Phnom Penh, first time in September 2008
v My own experiences:
-just volunteer to introduce university students about Blog…

v If you would like to meet more sexy girls, just come to Cambodia.
Ex, Geoff, and Virak… see? How sexy they are!!!
v Come to Cambodia to get to know people.
--We’re here to share and learn from you all, I’m so frustrating to know what Vietnamese Blogger, wring or blog about.

Here are the schedule of all sessions in the Barcampsaigon:

I really thanks to Barcamp Saigon to make it happen.
Looking forward for next Barcamp ;")



I'm so happy with your work, please continue

icebreaker said...

That's cool!!! :) keep it up!