un-name-able :s

I don't understand why and why, why bla bla.... but i do try manage myself to hard not to think too much or i might be mental illness sooner or later! Sigh!!!

Life is really hard and complicated as usaully to me, but i keep telling myself i was born in live in difference reason. And I live with only hope from inside me not really from others. There are too much ego now, it's almost exploided. It's rarely to have a peaceful sleep since my head is always working like unstopable, who i am, where i came from, why i have to live, why and why....

though i am really Choav Chak Smouk (complicated...) girl, I always keep myself h**l busy so my brain doesn't have time to think or work out of scope :D oh i do enjoy myself too. Always WORK HARD, PLAY HEAR.

I just realize one more thing, i must improve my Self-Esteem(loving yourself, encouraging yourself, being urself bestfriend, always positive, healthy minded). it's the way to enjoy beautiful life.

that's all for today.


Anonymous said...

The Stress cannot hurt you without your permission...

Life is not just about be the best, but it's about a happiness, and to learn how to laugh... A REAL LAUGH!

Dr, Love Expert ;D


KK@111 said...

don't think too much about the past, don't hope too much about the future. Just live today. Live one day by one day. And your future will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Just try your best. Find the best in you and do not force yourself too much buddy.
Keep your mind freeze.
Make everything ease!