Finally, i decided to have one drink....er..it's a real earthquake

i'm having fun at Saigon, VN with some folks. And tomorrow we're going to join Barcamp Saigon, i'm so excited.

Op...I still have to take some time to read and do some work too :( no choice!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to VN buddies. If i am in Saigon, i'll join the Barcamp too.
It'd be happy, right?
Post any pics then.

ada said...

jealous nas

Preetam Rai said...

ha ha ha one drink!!! I think 15 drinks is more like it.

David Everitt-Carlson said...

Just a note to all Saigon BarCampers: BarcampSaigon has been picked up by http://www.Gapingvoid.com . Gapingvoid is written by Hugh MacLeod, an old buddy of mine, and is rated as one of Technorati’s top 1000 blogs worldwide. Hugh is a gifted writer and cartoonist and has worked as a consultant and artistic motivator for Microsoft and Dell. His “Blue Monster” has become an underground in-house sensation for MS and whatever he does for Dell is sure to be interesting as well. Hugh’s book “How To Be Creative” will be published by Penguin next spring and his overall take on the tech business is both refreshing and revolutionary.


Check into the Gapingvoid and go to the bottom of the post to see the “Bonus Link” on BarCampSaigon.