Dear diary

Dear diary, today at work I was stressful because I am assigned a huge task which I am not so happy to work with that’s why I always count down very minute of the time I was there, the deadline is coming soon what I suppose to do. However, I have my colleagues and my supervisor are encouraging and help me a lot why shouldn’t I just focus to do as usually I make it through. Thanks to all of them, my friends, my family, and the readers.

Dear diary again, I just finished watching one movie which I usually don’t know the title because it was on cable TV, and I was watching in the middle. The movie is really expired me again to keep fighting and keep moving on forward why not just enjoy while you can breathe. No one knows what is going on tomorrow? Laugh or Cry? All of these are tastes of life. I start thinking again and again about my life... and try not losing myself again! Let’s enjoy life :-)

If you don't know how to smile, just look at me or smile in front of the mirror! :P
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icebreaker said...

hmm, that's work life!!! under pressure, but we have to do it to reach deadline haha... Sometimes it's boring, but sometimes u'd get to enjoy doing it so much!!! lolz... good luck then!

gäãra_th3Sánd said...

Dear diary! I dunno what's up with my friend over there, but I hope she's doing great... even though the task is a bit hard, she's still got many people by her side, esp her supervisor. I believe she can do it.. and I hope she's REALLY smilling.. umm.. if u got what i mean!!

Daravuth said...

" Life is too short!!! Try to do what we want for the our life and for the world!!! Never give them up!!! ", i just got it from one American drama-One Tree Hill- too :)

Sophon said...

Be strong, go forward, move ahead!!!