One School is over...another one is going to finish too :)

I don't know what word to say now. How happy i am!!!! ...
way back into freedom from school :PIMG_1391IMG_1394a big meal:)after the stressful exam!IMG_1390My classmates!cute;)IMG_1397IT students...they were too shy:P

PS: Anyone would like to join a celebration my graduation party??? plz let me know or send me an e-mai: nearirath.sreng@gmail.com


icebreaker said...

hahha u eat that lot? cool haha... lolz.. hei, from the glance, I know the photos were taken at RUPP.. hei, u know Outhdom??? the skinny one in the picture.. he's my friend! lolz... what a small world.. hei, what's ur major at RUPP? If u're IT student there, well, u might know Outhdom and Lyheang.. They are my friends! :)

gäãra_th3Sánd said...

yo yo icebreaker, u dun hab to promote ur friends, ok? Anyway, rath... it sounds like you are so happy to finish ur study. Hmm... to me, study is fun even though it's also stress. I can't imagine the time i have to say bye bye to my university. During study, u dun hab to do anything, but study. However, once u go to work, there are so many things that u have to carry on ur shoulder. M not sure I'll be able to carry them all. Hehe.. I like study life, though sometimes I wanna experience working life. :D ..umm.. congratulation anyway!

Rath said...

icebreaker: I know Outhdom and Lyheang and some others IT students but my major is Psychology. i think i met you at IFL with Panha...later we'd better say hi :P

Hey koun kmeng vuth: I do like life in school but maybe not at RUPP cuz i like and more focus on law...since i can't focus both so RUPP seems really pressure on me a lot. However, i have a lot good friends there. They encourage me and help me out a lot esp. while i was working at the ECCC. I'm going to miss them...i know how it feel :( I really enjoy working if i really like the job.

Thank you both :)

Sophon said...

Poor Cambodia, Rich Cambodian!!!

Why many Cambodians don't finish their meals. Is it a culture or is Cambodian rich?

Rich Japan, Poor Japanese!!!

Japanese people always finish their meals. As fas as I know, it's a saving habit.

Oh, I am also a Cambodian...

sophon said...

Poor Cambodia, Rich Cambodian!!!

Why many Cambodians don't finish their meals? Is it a culture? Or is Cambodian rich?

Rich Japan, Poor Japanese!!!

Japanese always finish their meals. As far as I know, it's a saving habit of Japanese.

***Saving habit is good***

Me, Cambodian too!!!

dom said...

i miss the food!!!!

icebreaker said...

eh so u two know each other? haha!!! eh, so u know them? how come? u study psychology? how come u know them? hehe... it's kinda of social network then! hei, when is it u met me and Pagna at IFL?