Korean Food

My both sisters and brother-in-law was going to have Korean food at Sovanna Mall but it kept us a mount half hour to wait, too many customers. Then my elder sister got an idea to go another DAEDONGGANG RESTAURANT, Korean Restaurant which is near Rock and RULE (Rock Entertainment and my former university) The food was good, and there is a beautiful Korean traditional performance, all of them is so natural beautiful which is wired and completely different to another Korean Restaurant, Pyoungyang that both restaurants are run by North Korea. At Pyoungyang Restaurant, food was ok, but people there use fake smile is so uncomfortable and not so much enjoyable too. If you ever would like to try Korean Food, i recommend to DAEDONGGANG RESTAURANT. [for more detail about the location, plz contact or e-mail me]


icebreaker said...

Japanese food is much more delicious than Korean food! :P

Rath said...

Yes i love JP food too :)

SAMBO Samphors said...

come on, korean food is better lah.. more meat while JP food mostly are raw fish (yuck!)