This episode called “Hot Fighting”

"A mountain crowns only one king of tiger" This is very true for me in this situation.

I really can’t tell you the entire story, but bits of it include my struggle with a naughty female tiger. So should I give up in the beginning? NEVER!

I’m going to study the structure of this mountain. How it works? Who are the right hands of the king? What are their authorities? What are their weakness and strength? What are the strategies to fight them off one by one?

I was mad when I heard the old naughty female tiger using mean words to me, but I was wrong to do so. I wouldn’t be mad with this touchy situation. What I shall do now is finding out how I can fight back. And how can I help my party before I leave. Leaving is not an excuse to give up fighting with the female tiger any more. Though I have only one day left, I still have time to fight back and protect my men.
Yab nas!!!


icebreaker said...

eh, this time u got a new nice shot.. new style i mean, lolz.. cool!!!

Rath said...

haha It's old style te...last year!!!

gäãra_th3Sánd said...

not only old but very very old style from u... yab! anyway, picture and content is not synchronized again... still yab!

GB said...

Fighting, my girl!!!

i know you can do it well and i am sure that you can beat that naughty female tiger^^

Don't forget you are also a tiger. [wink*~~]

ah P*o*rk

Nara said...

Hmm.. Look like a tiger. I mean a tough and good-heart one. Lolz...
U're not a mean girl. And don't try to be one. So forgive and forget !

sophon said...

Calm down. As Nara said, forgive and forget. Pear Ramngab with Kar Min chang Pear. Don't know what it is in English... :-)

SAMBO Samphors said...

Fight and bite like ah pork yay jeng hahaha... We support you ne!

Rath said...

@ta Vuth: oh how many times i told that i'm not a model neither a specialized acting post...I have only one serious pic so? yab men!

@gb: Am i a tiger? Come on...if i'm a tiger, all NGBs are tiger too :P

@nara and Sophon: Forgive and Forget are really good to kill your anger but in my case i could not do it...what i will prevent to the female old tiger is just doing my best work to her and show her what positive thinking and sweet words are...cuz she is very mean and negative thinking too much...and i don't think she knows how to enjoy life...life is fully of happiness.
PS: Sophon, when will u have ur own blog?

@Pok: really thank and appriciate your and NGBs' support :-)

GB said...

Hey... your birth symbol is tigger rite??? Just like us two (we are P3P-tigger nus ey!)

i don't mean u are naughty as a tigger though some time you are... :o)

Min tha jung heh... bang pok?