My fingers!

This morning two left fingers are badly injure because of my carelessness and my little sister negligent. I really hope my nails are going to be ok [plzzzzz...]

On Sunday morning, I planed to wake up at 6am but apparently I woke up at 9am. I asked my dad, had you voted yet? He said already... gosh! I should have waked up earlier than this. Finally, I voted after I was forced to put my figure in deep ink, he should be a bit nice to me....he’s yab!!!
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Bear said...

difficult to type hery... pibak chat tiet.. :-)If you want to hire a typer, my cv is ready... hehehhe

sophon said...

so pity!!!

vutha said...

So cool! u r really good citizen that took your time to select leader to lead the country. Bravooooooooooo!!!!