Preah Vihear is World Heritage now!!!

The 32nd Session of the World Heritage Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved the inscription of Preah Vihear temple as a World Heritage Site--by The Cambodia Daily today.

When i walked through the crowded to the concert, I feel so proud to be Cambodian! And I realized that there are still more people care and interested about our won country like Preah Vihear Temple.

The thing I'm not so happy with is that why we should have to hate Thailand each other like this because this anger will be never ended so there is only the government of Cambodia and Thailand themselves shall find a proper solution, fair and justice for both nations. If we never forgive or never find any solution someday it will explode as a cold war or a hot war in the future someday soon, and our next generation who would be our children and grandchildren will career on from us. Think deeply and everything you see, hear and read we have use our own thought to analysis what exactly happen and what are the causes and why it would happen like these or that. To me I would not agree easily with anything from national newspaper or other media. I would love to do some more research on the judgment in 1962 and regulations of UNESCO; unfortunately I am so crazy with application for master degree so there are ton papers I have to read and fulfill :(
It was raining, so difficult to got a nice one.IMG_2175Patry, Virak, NilaIMG_2176Me in the crowded ;)


T. Nguyen said...

I really like your little ABOUT ME section. You have big dreams, but I believe in you!

It's so interesting to see things/learn things about another country. I'm from the US.

gäãra_th3Sánd said...

hmm.. let me say GOOD JOB to Cambodia. Many many times that I receive news about the Preah Vihear via my yahoo messenger. Now it's over and I'm so happy with the result.

Regarding with Cambodia and Thailand, I have no idea how to fix it. I dunno the truth but I think that this issue become the stereotype for both nations already. Dun think that only us who think of them in a bad way, but so do they. And this thought has been passed and will be going on to pass from generation to generation. Hmm.. dunno.. m not good enough to find the solution but I dun support any kinds of war. :)

Nara said...

It's very thoughtful of you Rath. U're right about this issue. We've been fighting each other for almost a thousand of years. No doubt that hatred built in the mindset of Thais & Khmers. And I think the big problem is people from both sides don't let the resentful past go. Both are not willing to accept the reality of now. It's a complicated to talk about this ugly issue. So we just hope that things would be fine in the future.

icebreaker said...

hmm, I don't know why i come to be speechless abt this topic... have heard so far a lot abt this. what i know is that Preah Vihea is ours! :) I support this!

vutha said...

Sorry not to join with all of you. As i remembered that day was raining. Congratulation!!!!!!!

Sophon said...

Hahaha... the fact is still the fact. Preah Vihear belongs to Cambodia, so it still belongs to Cambodia. But why Cambodian and Thai hate each other? I don't hate Thai because what Thai people do is for the sake of Thailand. Thai people shouldn't hate us as well. What Cambodian people do is for the sake of Cambodia. Let's dream one day when alien comes and conqueres this world, I think Cambodian and Thai won't hate each other anymore... Don't just sit, sleep and think I hate Thai, I hate Cambodia. There are more things for both countries to do, to work together, to help each other in terms of bilateral relation, economic prosperity, bright their own people out of poverty, fight global warming, save the environment and so on and so on....

Oh, If there are too many same comments from me, I'm sorry, there is problem of internet connection at my site.

Rath said...

*T. Nguyen* Thanks! oh are you American-Cambodian?

*gäãra_th3Sánd* You know what??? We all are taught to hate, love, do and not do this or that!!! So we have to re-think and always learn every minor thing around us. Not just accept or believe everything being told.

*Nara* thanks such a nice feedback :) at lease I hope it will be recognized and realized by both nations.

*Vutha* That’s fine bong! Yes it was raining not so heavy like frock and cat [do I say it right?] but I was so happy to see such a crowded to celebrate the event.

*Sophon* I completely agree with that I hope there will be more and more people re-think and more attention about the main issue that the world is facing!