I do miss NGBs, hope to see you guys someday sometime somewhere around the world!Rath, Pok Pok, Bong Samay,Bong Nha, Bong Kunthy or Koun Hing[don't tell her:P],Pork Pork
Signatures of NGB, to ratify as NGB gang heheh :")


GB said...

Thx for the nice picture, rath!^^

These really remind me of those precious time back then having tons of joys with you all... [can't wait to re-unite and share fun once again...]

P.S: i don't really remember that why we signed on that 100 Riels note? And why you have it but i don't remember having one?!? [Q mark face]

[a little forgetful now :P]

icebreaker said...

this time u made different style haheheh... where've they gone?

SAMBO Samphors said...

Sweet memoir hehe... ah pork, ot remember ey te cos jas heuy. Kom pa kan ne, PE PE. Good that you share here. Gotta copy to my blog too haha...

Rath said...

@gb/Pork: one day after boring class: we just passed the 100 Reil around and singed! it was my idea and my $ that's why u ot have nig na :P

@ice-cream:D oh some are in JP and soon some in Australia, USA and ...i don't know where the h**l i will be!

@Tom/Phors/Pok:hahah...sure :)

GB said...

Na ker dare to say ah pork jassss?

>> ah pok hey? jorng bann 3 pil(s) klang hoey moerl tov??? [hehehe...!]

>> pe pe--jorng bann marn pil deh?

P.S: this evening getta go to buy torch senn...^^

icebreaker said...

hahah come on rath, i know u'll be somewhere soon! :) right?

Rath said...

*gb:hehehhe now i got it :D
*ice-cream:thanksssssssss :P