Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital

Today on the Australia NETWORK Channel there is the Global Outlook program of which is Dr. Beat Richner who is the main sponsor and finder funded for the Batha Hospital. He said the main reasons of the genocide children in Cambodia are: (1) war, (2) The rest world does not care about the health care children in poor country, and (3) Corruption. The war that Europe and Western or power countries brought to the world as well Cambodia, they seem to forget to respond what they have done, but only selfishness. World Health Organization gives funded to Cambodia is very limited and a few other main organs on the issues of Health Care like UNICEF, and World Vision is still not enough to help Cambodian Children. The third reason is shock so much that he also said “It is hell when there is corruption with health care”

The unique of him is when he makes a presentation to raise funded for the hospital, he presents with his song and music from his solo. The music was so powerful almost makes audiences cry and realize what the real situation of Cambodian is, and how much Cambodian Children need help. A song with the beautiful sound from his solo describes that when he was little he wished to be a musician; unfortunately he was told that being a musician was no bright life so he ends up become a doctor. Today he uses what he believes of his own natural skill music to combine with his recently professional to help the poor children. The little donations from audiences would help so much because there is 60,000 children die per year in Cambodia.
Dr. Beat Richner perform a benefit concert for his Cambodian Hospital.

“If you help the child, the life will go on, and sustainable.”

"The only way to treat the children is free of charge otherwise they have no chance."

"Without these hospitals 2800 children would die every month. Eighty percent of the hospitalized patients could not survive without this hospital," Richner said in a another riveting comment.

On behalf of Cambodians and from bottom of my heart would like to thank so much to Dr. Beat Richner have been scarifying years to help poor world like us.

To make an online donation to the hospitals:


gäãra_th3Sánd said...

somehow, it's touching.. he's a good guy... :)

sophon said...

Finally he can fulfil his dream being a musician...